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Hydrocarbon Detector
Hydrocarbon Detectors
Hydrocarbon Detection
Industrial Maintenance Group has designed a patented hydrocarbon detection overfill protection system specifically to meet the Florida Department of Environmental protection regulations.

The Total Release Annular Protection System (T.R.A.P.S.) performs the following functions:

  • Continuous monitoring of the containment area for hydrocarbons
  • Should a hydrocarbon be present, the hydrocarbon detector system will notify terminal personnel immediately
  • Both visual and audio alerts will begin from the hydrocarbon detectors
  • Additional events will follow hydrocarbon notification
    • Valve closure will start at a desired rate with the containment valve closing immediately
  • Options can be added to alert personnel via email, cell phone or other means

Containment area will hold the desired amount or more meeting FDEP requirements of five minutes maximum pumping capacity. T.R.A.P.S. records and communicates with existing PLC and high level systems.

Industrial Maintenance Group holds a patent on this process to include several various substrates for containment. With nearly 99% of all overfill protection systems installed in the State of Florida our experience is equaled by none. Industrial Maintenance Group has performed installations for most major petroleum storage companies within the industry. Our systems will protect against overfills, notify key personnel immediately upon hydrocarbon detection, high level alarms, leak into the containment area and several other functions. Our system can provide leak hydrocarbon detectors for under tank secondary bottoms. With these additional hydrocarbon detectors in place they can easily be incorporated into the T.R.A.P.S. system for secondary bottom leak / hydrocarbon detection. Our hydrocarbon detection can be connected to alert methods ranging from flashing lights, sirens, email or test messages. You can monitor your hydrocarbon detection system from apps on your cell phone or computer.

Please call Industrial Maintenance Group at 813-659-3512 today to get a free estimate on your hydrocarbon detection and overfill protection needs today. Industrial Maintenance Group has the containment and hydrocarbon detection systems to meet all your regulator requirements.

T.R.A.P.S. records and communicates with existing PLC and high level systems.