Chemical containment


Chemical Containment
Chemical Containment
Chemical Containment


Chemical and Petroleum internal primary containment is one of industries largest challenges. Industrial Maintenance Group has a strong chemical resistant formula that can be spray applied to most surfaces. Our experience, proven track record and our safety will speak for itself. As a member of ISNetworld, PICS and E-Rail safe we are confident we can meet your contractor requirements.

Our chemical containment coatings have been used in diesel, jet fuel, gasoline and many other harsh environments. Industrial Maintenance Group has experience with internal tank coatings, external storage tank containment systems and many other applications. Our chemical containment resistant product lines are extremely flexible compared to traditional coatings used. With our products exceptional elongation and high tensile strength it can provide a long lasting system. Typical products break down when substrate movement causes stress making typical coatings fracture or crack. With our CR3000F chemical containment system you can be confident that it can handle any movement that your steel tank or concrete allows. When ridged epoxy systems keep cracking and fracturing call the chemical specialist and ask for a free containment evaluation of your issue.

Industrial Maintenance Group has over 11 years of experience. We look forward to working with you to solve your chemical containment issues.

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Our Patent pending PolySeam is a revolutionary use of our spray applied coatings products coupled with HDPE, XR-5 and many other synthetic liners used in the attachment process of liner products to substrates. IMG can attach several synthetic liner using this process while decreasing cost and installation time. Call IMG today to become a licensed installer.

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