With the use of our structural, fire resistant foam and high strength coatings product systems we can find a solution to rehabilitate your operating infrastructure. Our high strength products are resistant to many fuels, chemicals, gases and other harsh environments.

IMG can assist your company or municipality with manhole rehabilitation, restoration and strengthening.  We can help you stop infiltration and degradation to your systems.

· Cost Effective  
· Eliminate Infiltration
· Structural Integrity
· Excellent chemical resistance
· 30 Year Life Expectancy
· Tensile Strength (3500 PSI)

INDUSTRIAL Applications

Power Industry

Industrial Maintenance Group, Inc. has several coating and liner options for the power industries containment and corrosion needs. Utilizing high temperature resistant SC-3900, epoxies and synthetic liners IMG can help meet your secondary fuel containment, high temperature corrosion resistance for steel operational equipment,  pond liners, waterproofing and pipeline repairs.


As a leader in the coatings and secondary containment market IMG is an expert in meeting your fuel containment requirements. With the use of our patented containment system and our patented liner seaming systems IMG provides a cost effective method to meeting fuel containment requirements. Through the use of several coatings options IMG can restore your secondary containment systems to meet full regulatory compliance. Our product liners included, SC-3900, Epoxy, HDPE, XR-5 and many other containment solutions.


Meeting the needs of the water/wastewater industry IMG can supply cost effective solutions to concrete degradation, restoration, corrosion prevention, waterproofing, holding pond liners and manhole rehabilitation. Our coating systems have been used to restore and maintain sand filters, clarifying tanks, holding tanks and many other steel or concrete operation equipment.