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IMG utilizes the latest in composite pipeline repair systems that meet or exceed all industry standards for pipeline repairs. Our products can typically be installed with no downtime. With the extensive testing and actual proven industry application we can repair and rehabilitate your pipeline infrastructure. With pipeline maintenance a growing part in the aging pipeline industry Industrial Maintenance Group has the solution for your pipeline repair and preventative coatings. Pipeline repair maintenance inspections can be done quicker and in a more cost effective manner with the proper pipeline maintenance products.

Industrial Maintenance Group can also test and monitor your pipeline with our pipeline leak detection system. Upon a pipeline leak with our pipeline detection equipment can pin point the location of the leak. Upon leak detection the issue can typically be addressed and repaired with our pipeline wrap system specifically designed for the type of industrial application.

With years of pipeline repair product line testing our pipeline repair system is proven within the power and petroleum industry with application throughout the world. With our pipeline repair systems in place on natural gas lines, power plant dock lines, off shore drilling rigs and petroleum terminals our products have the experience that you can count on.

Contact Industrial Maintenance Group today for all your pipeline repair or pipeline maintenance needs. We have the pipeline leak detection or pipeline repair system to meet your regulatory and repair needs.

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