WasteWater Coatings

Wastewater Coatings
Wastewater Coating

IMG specializes in wastewater coatings in the most aggressive environments. IMG can provide years of industry experience to meet your concrete or steel tank coating needs. Our SC-3900 coatings systems can assist in rehabilitating your wastewater plant and operations. With high tensile strengths and strong abrasion resistance our coatings perform within most segments of the wastewater plant operations. Our coatings have been utilized in several wastewater plant operations throughout the United States.

With internal wastewater tank coatings over steel and concrete our coatings system has a proven record to withstand these harsh environments. This coating can be utilized in manhole rehabilitation and concrete tank restoration. With our strong tensile strength and elongation attributes our coatings can bridge and repair steel tanks with extreme corrosion damage. Industrial Maintenance Group can evaluate your needs and proved the corrective action that will best suite your operational needs.

Industrial Maintenance Group's wastewater coatings can be utilized in pipeline corrosion prevention and repair. Our product lines have a proven track record in the petroleum and power industry these products have been used in the harshest environments allowable. With chemical attack and high temperature expansion and contraction our products show the test of time.

Please contact Industrial Maintenance Group today to find out how we can assist in meeting your wastewater coating needs.

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