Containment Specialist

  • Fuel
    • Water / Wastewater
      • Chemicals

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Industrial Maintenance Group Coatings



  • SC-3900
    • Epoxies
      • Foam

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Rehabilitation and Repair

  • Concrete
    • Steel Tanks
      • Pipelines

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Industrial Maintenance Group, Inc. specializes in industrial coating applications. With over 25 plus years experience in the fuel containment, waterproofing, over steel or concrete substrates. IMG has completed countless secondary fuel containment projects using a wide variety of materials including, SC-3900 coatings, Pre-Fabricated SC-3900 liner panels, HDPE, XR5, XR GEOMEMBRANES and our Patented PolySeam™ US 8,361,261 B2 hybrid system. IMG has a patented seaming process for use with both HDPE and XR5 product lines with the use of SC-3900 as the attachment method. Patented PolySeam™ US 8,361,261 B2 will save thousands of dollars in installation costs and drastically decrease installation time while providing a stronger attachment bond.

Our coating product line includes:

  • SC-3900
  • PolySeam™ US 8,361,261 B2
  • SC-3900 Liner Systems
  • Epoxies Coatings
  • Pipe Wrap
  • XR-5 Synthetic Liners
  • Geomembranes
  • HDPE
  • Other Coating Materials

INDUSTRIAL Applications

Power Industry

Industrial Maintenance Group, Inc. has several coating and liner options for the power industries containment and corrosion needs. Utilizing high temperature resistant 100% SC-3900, epoxies and synthetic liners IMG can help meet your secondary fuel containment, high temperature corrosion resistance for steel operational equipment,  pond liners, waterproofing and pipeline repairs.


As a leader in the coatings and secondary containment market IMG is an expert in meeting your fuel containment requirements. With the use of our patented containment system and our patented liner seaming systems IMG provides a cost effective method to meeting fuel containment requirements. Through the use of several coatings options IMG can restore your secondary containment systems to meet full regulatory compliance. Our product liners included, SC-3900, Epoxy, HDPE, XR-5 and many other containment solutions.


Meeting the needs of the water/wastewater industry IMG can supply cost effective solutions to concrete degradation, restoration, corrosion prevention, waterproofing, holding pond liners and manhole rehabilitation. Our coating systems have been used to restore and maintain sand filters, clarifying tanks, holding tanks and many other steel or concrete operation equipment.