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Petro plugs


Petro Plugs and Barriers let water pass sealing once a hydrocarbon is present providing full containment.

Product uses range from storm water management in substations to storage tank containments.

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Designed for high-volume water drainage in a good drainage field with a vertical type installation, Petro-Barriers are custom-designed and manufactured in our factory for shipping to your location or installed by SPI for each site. Land slope, under-drain percolation rates, rainfall amount, containment area size and other factors are all considered in the system design. In the event of an oil spill, the barrier material forms a plug to prevent oil from escaping into the discharge and hence into the environment.


When a high water table, poor-draining soil or other factors make vertical drainage into the ground difficult or impossible, discharge of water from a containment area can still be accomplished horizontally through a Petro-Pipe. In these cases, a berm, curb or wall can be installed to hold back rainwater that might also contain oil. Installing several Petro-Pipes through concrete, asphalt or earth will trap the oil while allowing uncontaminated water to pass through. Petro-Pipes are available in a variety of sizes, are adaptable to a wide range of valves, drains and other piping, and are easily replaced.


Designed to protect small floor drains in boiler rooms, garages and warehouses, Petro-Plugs are disposable oil barriers that are more effective and less expensive than oil/water separators. Designed to fit standard piped floor drains in boiler rooms, garages, warehouses, oil storage areas and underground vaults, the Petro-Plug removes low levels of gas, grease or oil while allowing water to flow through as usual. If an oil or fuel spill runs to the drain, the Petro-Plug seals off. This allows spills to be cleaned up at the source, potentially saving thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and fines.

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Our Patented PolySeam™ US 8,361,261 B2 is a revolutionary use of our spray applied coatings products coupled with HDPE, XR-5 and many other synthetic liners used in the attachment process of liner products to substrates. IMG can attach several synthetic liner using this process while decreasing cost and installation time. Call IMG at 813-659-3512 today to become a licensed installer.

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