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Pipe Wrap

Pipe wrap products have been used around the world in applications ranging from petroleum pipelines to foundations for gas compressors.

Pipe wrap is designed for repairing high-pressure transmission pipelines and can be used for repairs to straight pipe, elbows, tees, reducers, risers, high temperature, underwater, and offshore platform pipelines.

Pipe wrap has undergone extensive engineering evaluation. Issues ranging from mechanical strength to environmentally induced degradation have been thoroughly addressed.

Pipe wrap can repair pipeline damage or corrosion under diverse situations. We have repair methods for high temperatures, under water conditions, subfreezing, and girth weld coating.

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Our Patented PolySeamâ„¢ US 8,361,261 B2 is a revolutionary use of our spray applied coatings products coupled with HDPE, XR-5 and many other synthetic liners used in the attachment process of liner products to substrates. IMG can attach several synthetic liner using this process while decreasing cost and installation time. Call IMG at 813-659-3512 today to become a licensed installer.

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