SC-3900is a very strong, abrasion resistant coating that can be used for providing solutions in multiple industries.  The products bonding strength allows this product line to be used in the harshest environments. With 450% plus elongation and high tensile strengths of 3500 PSI there are endless uses for this quick set fast back to service product.

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Industrial Maintenance Group provides its clients with the best liner options available for today's industry. Through the use of XR-5, HDPE and our Revolutionary Patented PolySeam™ US 8,361,261 B2, we have a containment liner solution that will fit your containment requirements.

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IMG utilizes latest in composite pipeline repair systems that meet or exceed all industry standards.  Our products can typically be installed with no downtime. With extensive testing and actual proven industry application we repair and rehabilitate  your pipeline infrastructure.


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providing industry solutions

Industrial Maintenance Group provides a variety of unique industry solutions.

Industrial Coatings:

Industrial Maintenance Group, Inc. specializes in industrial coating applications. With over 25 plus years experience in the fuel containment market including,  high strength  and epoxy coatings. IMG can provide all your containment needs. 


Railcar Containment:

Our internal high performance coating system can provide uniform thickness to meet your pressure rating needs. External coatings can be applied with or without a high tensile strength steel mesh to provide extremely high pressure ratings.


Manhole & Silo Rehabilitation:

With the use of our structural, fire resistant foam and high strength coatings product systems, we can find a solution to rehabilitate your operating infrastructure. Our high strength products are resistant to many fuels, chemicals, gases and other harsh environments.

featured product

Patented PolySeam™ US 8,361,261 B2

Our Patented PolySeam™ US 8,361,261 B2 is a revolutionary use of our spray applied coatings products coupled with HDPE, XR-5 and many other synthetic liners used in the attachment process of liner products to substrates. IMG can attach several synthetic liner using this process while decreasing cost and installation time. Call IMG today to become a licensed installer.

Patented PolySeam™ US 8,361,261 B2 Brochure